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March was an amazing month!!

As the end of this month slowly approaches us... we look back upon everything that's happened in this short time and can honestly say that we're so blessed! Here's a flashback at a few highlights of our month.

- Our beautiful gestational carrier, Ivana, did so well on her transfer. She was a bit nervous but who wouldn't be? She showed such courage and did amazing! The best part of it all? It resulted in a positive pregnancy test!! We are so thrilled for her! We are now awaiting her confirmation of heartbeat test... which should be in about 3 week. We are anticipating this moment! Go Ivana!!

- We are coming close to another transfer for an amazing gestational carrier, Sandra. She has been such a trooper! She travels in and out of Las Vegas from California for this journey. What dedication she has! We just got the word that her most recent monitoring appointment looked amazing!! We are so excited for her upcoming transfer! We are rooting her on!

- We just matched a lovely couple with an awesome Gestational Carrier. Its her first time being a Gestational Carrier and we are honored to guide her throughout this process. She is so excited to start this journey and we cannot wait to see how this story will unravel.

Along with meeting countless of intended parents and gestational carriers... we are truly blessed to do what we do. This month sets the tone for the year and we cannot wait to share it all through this journal.


Jennifer Busque


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