Potential Gestational Carriers are encouraged to complete an extensive application / interview. A review of OB records will also take place during this phase.  

In addition to previous obstetric medical records review, diagnostic testing will be performed to ensure that you are able to successfully hold a pregnancy.

A psychological evaluation will be performed by a licensed psychologist to ensure that you are mentally and emotionally able to be a Gestational Carrier.

A match between you and the intended parent(s) is determined by the criteria set forth by all parties involved.

A legally binding Gestational Carrier Agreement will be drafted and reviewed between you and the Intended Parent(s).

Preparation for embryo transfer begins with medication that will take place after legal contracts have been notarized and signed.

Blood work followed by  ultrasounds will be done approximately 1-2 weeks following the embryo transfer to confirm a pregnancy. 

You will be closely monitored and seen by your OB GYN during the pregnancy.  

 The final stretch.  You are a true blessing to a family by delivering their baby!


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