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When choosing the gestational carrier route, it is important to be aware of every important factor in the process. Investment costs for gestational surrogacy is definitely one of them.  Although there is no definite way to accurately calculate in advanced the exact cost of gestational surrogacy, we will do our very best to estimate and anticipate expenses as best as we can. 


We are 100% committed to you and your future gestational carrier from the start to the very end.  In a gestational surrogacy journey, there are many aspects involved and it may become overwhelming.  Our main goal is to make this journey as stress free as possible.   We want to educate you about the entire journey and guide you throughout.


The process begins with an agency fee that is broken into four installments. The first installment is invested to begin the gestational carrier match process.  We dedicate our time to finding the best possible match just for you.  We are proud to provide a thorough pre-screening for your potential gestational carrier that includes a thorough review over an extensive questionnaire, detailed interview and a review of previous medical documents that are important to determine if an individual is eligible. This benefit gives you the peace of mind in knowing that our gestational carriers have been pre-screened.  *** Keep in mind that if you have an established fertility clinic, they will be the provider to issue medical clearance on your chosen gestational carrier. We will coordinate obtaining  medical clearance with your specific clinic.***

The second agency fee is due upon an official match.  At this point, we work on preparing all of the necessary documentation that is needed to forward over to the lawyers.  Each lawyer that is representing the gestational carrier and intended parent will be given information needed to draft and review the Gestational Carrier Agreement Contact.

The third will be due upon the signing and completion of the official Gestational Carrier Agreement Contract.  From this point on, we will work with all of the lawyers involved, fertility clinics, OB GYN's, social workers, escrow management companies, insurance companies and hospitals throughout the process and guide everyone involved to ensure that everything is going smoothly. 

The fourth and final agency fee will be due upon the beta HCG test (pregnancy test) for your gestational carrier.  


Gestational Carriers are given a base compensation for being your gestational carrier.  The base compensation varies depending on whether its their first time being a gestational carrier vs. an experienced gestational carrier.  In addition to the base compensation, there are anticipated costs which includes but are not limited to: travel expenses, monthly allowances, health insurance premiums, life insurance policy, lost wages, bed rest, invasive procedures, c-section, housekeeping, childcare, maternity clothing, international fee, multiples fee, psychological support, unreimbursed medical expenses, insurance, co-pays and deductibles.


Legal is a very important part in this whole entire journey. You must consider legal costs for you and the gestational carrier as you both will need separate representation by an experienced surrogacy lawyer.  We will assist with referrals to attorneys that will be able to draft and review the Gestational Carrier Agreement Contract, obtain a pre-birth order (for names to be places on the birth certificate and to establish legal parentage) or a termination of parental rights and adoptions proceedings in the state where the Gestational Carrier is located.  


Escrow management is used for the gestational carrier compensation arrangements. There is a one-time fee that is paid directly to the escrow management company.  Although we recommend a trusted third-party escrow company, you are able to choose your own escrow management company.  If you choose your own escrow management company, you will need to provide us with the companies information and their policies.  Fee's for wire transfers and credit card expenses shall be paid from your escrow fund. 


The costs for the IVF procedures, egg donor, sperm donor and medications must be obtained from the IVF center.  If you don't have an IVF center, we can refer you to a top fertility specialists within your area.  Payments that are due to your IVF center cannot be paid out of your escrow management account.  We advise that you speak with a financial representative at the IVF center to make alternative payment arrangements that will be paid to your IVF center directly.


The average cost for a gestational surrogacy is $95,000 and up.

Financing is available.

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Last Updated 05.20.24



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