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Jennifer Busque

Founder & CEO


With a over a decade of involvement in a reproductive endocrinology work setting, Jennifer has evolved through her experience in dealing with patient contact & clerical administrative duties. From working in the billing, medical records/authorizations department, to physician marketing, supervisor for the new patient department and also donor/surrogacy coordinator, she has served numerous roles at Red Rock Fertility Center, one of the leading fertility centers in Las Vegas, NV. Red Rock Fertility Center is known for their boutique style atmosphere and latest technology available today.  Their sucess rates has steadily remained above national average resulting in many rewarding successful outcomes.  By working for such a remarkable company, Jennifer has obtained the pleasure of becoming emotionally adhered to working with many patients whose turned to medical help for infertility issues. Her devotion and passion for patients and witnessing their struggles has given her the determination to making sure that only the highlest level of quaility service has been provided in all aspects from the very start to finish.


With combined work experience along with obtaining a B.S in Healthcare Administration, Jennifer wanted to created an agency that offered assistance to creating miracles. Jennifer along envisioned what type of agency she wanted to establish.  Their vision was to organize an agency that would contain only the highest quality of gestational carriers/egg donors available to increase successful results, while maintaining the highest level of client care.  Jennifer is also a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. 


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